ForskolinFit Pro: The New Turn to Supplement for Effective Weight Loss

ForskolinFit Pro is biggest scam? Read consumer complains, side effects, ingredients of ForskolinFit Pro

I have tried it all but nothing so far has given me the results I got with ForskolinFit Pro. After all of the baby weight I gained with my son 2 years ago it has been nearly impossible to shed even a pound. I have ordered a number of supplements online and wasted a lot of time and money trying to find a solution. I have been working hard to spend as much time as possible working out and my diet has changed numerous times to help me shed the pounds but to no avail. With working out and eating healthy I managed to drop several pounds briefly but stayed home for a week when I was sick and it all came back, leaving me depressed and discouraged. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to work.

A fellow mother recommended I check out ForskolinFit Pro. She actually tried it several months ago and is still taking it. We were gym buddies when time allowed. We both had the same problems with weight loss and the combination of caring for a small child with working out and a healthy diet is hard to do. Though we continued our healthy habits all of the sudden she had a fantastic difference in her weight. Initially she didn’t shed pounds but just fat, while building muscle. It was visible but the scale didn’t change, over time though I saw a major difference in both. This is when she told me about ForskolinFit Pro. She said she didn’t want to initially tell me about the supplement because she knows of my disappointments with supplements and wanted to first make sure it worked. Well it sure did. Now that I’ve got the real life review from my friend and the official website I ordered the supplement and will tell you about my personal experience.

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What is ForskolinFit Pro?

As per the official website ForskolinFit Pro is 100% premium Forskolin Root Extract that helps you burn stubborn fat, build lean muscle, and help improve your metabolism. Aside from being the ideal supplement for moms with stubborn hard to lose fat it is also a great supplement for men as well.

Forskolin is a powerhouse compound that is derived from the roots of Forskohlii Plant which is a herb belonging to the mint family. Research has discovered that this herb actually helps break down stored fat and helps increase lean muscle mass. It is the ideal weight management herb that helps tackle belly fat all the while toning muscle naturally. Weight loss of up to 5-10% is known to not only help improve psychological health, improve self-esteem, and most certainly improve health.

How Does ForskolinFit Pro Work and the Ingredients?

ForskolinFit Pro has one active ingredient and that is the extract of Forskolin from the Forskohlii Plant. After extensive research, trials, tests, and hard work it has been determined that this is the ultimate weight loss supplement on the market today. It works in four ways to help you lose weight, keep it off, and build lean muscles.

  • Activates Fat Burning Enzymes – fat loss is boosted by activating the fat burning enzymes including Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate (cAMP) messenger. This is essential for encouraging lipolysis which is a fat burning process which causes your body to tap into fat stores for energy rather than require you to eat more.
  • Break Down the Stubborn Fat – recent researches have confirmed that Forskolin extract helps release fatty acids from adipose tissue. This in turn helps your body break down and in turn lose the excess stored fat in hard to manage areas. This is especially important for new moms and belly fat as in many cases it is incredibly difficult fighting it off regardless show hard you work.
  • Prevents Fat from Forming in the Future – in addition to helping you shed the pounds what ForskolinFit Pro does is it helps raise your metabolic rate and increasing lean muscle. This in turn will help prevent new fat from forming all the while helping you burn it off faster and easier in case you slack at the gym or your healthy eating. Just to point out here, if a supplement tells you that you can lose weight without any effort ditch it, been there and I guarantee that there is no such thing. Combine all weight loss supplements with at least some workout and healthy diet. It does not have to be extreme but it certainly has to be present.
  • Builds and Preserves Lean Muscle – what makes ForskolinFit Pro a great supplement is that it is suitable for both men and women. It is an effective supplement to help maintain healthy testosterone levels in not only men but women as well. This means that aside from the numerous benefits this means for men, both men and women will be able to retain lean muscle mass as well as build onto it. In many cases when someone tries to lose weight they also end up losing muscle, especially if they are not working out extensively, and this supplement helps prevent just that by using up fat stores for energy.

What is even better is that Forskolin has been consumed for generations in folk medicines in India with a variety of uses. Today researchers are making it available for consumer to help support growth of lean muscles, weight loss, and energy boost for both men and women. Today it has become a very popular ingredient in numerous supplements and there are numerous supplements containing exclusively Forskolin however most contain just 10% Forskolin. Unfortunately, this is nowhere near enough to actually give you the results you are looking for and you are bound for disappointment. ForskolinFit Pro contains 20% pure natural Forskolin extract allowing you the results you desire.

Benefits of ForskolinFit Pro

  • 100% Natural
  • 20% Forskolin
  • No Side Effects
  • Lose Weight Fast and Effectively
  • Build Lean Muscle Mass
  • Balance Metabolism
  • Boost Energy
  • And more…

In ForskolinFit Pro there is 250 mg all natural Forskolin (Coleus Forskohlii) extract. Manufactured in reputable and modern labs in the United States you know you are getting only pure extract, quality product, and real results. Each bottle of ForskolinFit Pro contains 60 capsules. It is recommended you take 2 per day and can be taken either pre or post workout. For optimal results the official website recommends you take the supplement at least 2-3 months however, from my personal experience I can tell you that I saw significant difference in energy, metabolism, tightness of body, and even some muscle about 2 weeks after taking the supplement.

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How Where, How Much, and Terms?

I was somewhat concerned about what I’ll find in the terms of the official website. I have been scammed so many times now that I am so scared of giving my card out. I was fortunate to have had a friend that has gone through this process with this particular website which gave me a lot of faith but I admit my heart was beating harder when I clicked that Order Now button. What I like is that it gives you a free trial. One problem I have had in the past was that I didn’t read the term though carefully and then blamed the company because I simply checked the box saying I had. In fact, the whole purchase process is pretty clear and understandable. I am ok with the idea to pay $5 to receive the supplement for a free trial. From the day I placed the order I had 12 business days to try it. If I was not happy all I do is call them and send the supplement back before the 12 days are up. I think this is important as regardless if a supplement has no side effects it still is a foreign substance you are consuming. Just like some people get upset stomachs from apples or dairy the same could happen with any supplement depending on their health and body. If you are happy with the supplement and feel great taking it, as I did, you do nothing. You will be automatically enrolled in their auto ship program and charged $79.00 for the bottle and then every 30 days will continue to get a new monthly supply at the set rate of $79.00 plus shipping and handling. What most people don’t understand is that this is actually a fantastic idea, they just need to understand that if they are not happy and don’t want to take the supplement they have to contact the company and make sure they cancel within the 12 day period.

My Experience with ForskolinFit Pro

Several days after ordering, if I am not mistaken it was bout 4, I received my bottle of ForskolinFit Pro. The first thing I wanted to do was run the supplement by my doctor before I started taking it because regardless my research and my friends experience I want to make sure I am choosing the right product. After looking it over for a while she said she had read about it several weeks ago and even asked for the website, so I am guessing I am cleared to take it.

I took it about an hour before my workout that morning and again in the evening at about 6 pm. The first time taking it I honestly can’t say I felt anything all too special except for a bit of more energy but can’t say I was certain it was form the supplement. Of course, I can’t expect results on the first day but the main thing I was looking for was possible side effects. Generally I have an uneasy stomach and when I eat strange or acidic foods that my body is unfamiliar with I have been known to get an upset stomach. I did not have an upset stomach, acid, or serious runs to the bathroom which I initially expected.

After about two weeks of taking the supplement I decided to do a quick weigh in just to see if I had lost any weight. I had already gotten some compliments that I’ve lost weight but honestly, as soon as someone hears that you are trying to lose weight the first thing that comes to mind is to lie to you about how you lost weight. I trust nothing but the scale and how easily my clothes fit. Initially, my clothes first gave away that I was losing weight. Though one week is a very short time to have a significant change in weight I felt a slight looseness. Unfortunately, the scale didn’t mark any serious change in my weight but form my research on weight loss combined with working out while taking a supplement like this I have found out that muscle weighs more than fat. Considering that ForskolinFit Pro helps build lean muscle while reducing fat I do believe that that’s where the pounds have gone.

Upon the second month after taking ForskolinFit Pro in combination of a healthy diet and working out, as much as a 2 year old would allow, I can proudly say that I am on my way to beat the belly fat. I have managed to lose the excess fat in other areas, but it’s a slower process with my thighs and belly fat. There are significant differences, but it’s understandable that it takes longer than the rest of the body. I can now actually even flaunt great muscles on my arms and when you push past what’s left of my belly fat you can feel clearly defined muscles on my stomach as well. With significant weight loss and building the defined muscles that I have always wanted (still in a very attractive and ladylike way) I do believe that I have found a supplement that really does work and a supplement that I can recommend to anyone that is tired of fighting fat unsuccessfully. I have regained faith in myself and in supplements since I started taking ForskolinFit Pro.

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