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Is Power Pro Supplement for You?

As a professional trainer I am always on the lookout for new products like Power Pro. There are many scams on the market today which are neither pure and safe or effective which makes it very hard to find something that really works. In many cases I order new supplements on the market to test them and gather as much information as possible so as to help my clients decide which is the best choice for them. I also strive to share my information online with anyone interested in more information on the supplement they are considering.

What is Power Pro?

As per the official website it is the ultimate supplement to gain strength, build muscle, and eliminate hassle for faster results. It can also aid in boosting your libido, reducing recovery time, eliminating fatigue, and helping you get faster and easier results. It helps the body’s ability to perform high-intensity workouts and aids in muscle growth all the while increasing performance.

The supplement has one active ingredient, MagnaPower Creatine. Developed to build muscle size, power, and strength many weightlifters and bodybuilders choose it before a serious workout. In addition to giving you the strength for more intensive workouts it also allows you to go longer thus helping further develop muscle growth. One thing to remember with MagnaPower Creatine is that it is developed for building muscle rather than weight loss so make sure if you are looking to lose weight to seek out an appropriate supplement as it will not help you reach your goals.

With Power Pro you will be able to push past rep limits, get results quicker as you perform at a higher intensity longer, and empower your muscle to store a greater amount of Creatine. Developed for intense weight lifting and endurance the official Power Pro states that the supplement has the potential to stimulate growth of lean muscles and forms a support system for your muscles to prevent muscle breakdown while boosting muscle recovery.

All these are great points when combined with boosted libido but regardless what the website says it’s important to remember that the statements in the official Power Pro website have not been approved by the FDA and supplements in general are not tested or controlled by the FDA. This means that they can write just about anything they wish with the goal to sell you the product without actually having to provide you with the same results. You can confirm this when you read their Terms & Conditions where it clearly states that results are not guaranteed and basically that anything written on the website is not guaranteed. With that in mind it is essential to find a list of the ingredients so as to better research how effective they are and if they have any side effects.


Ingredients of Power Pro

Well, as mentioned above the most important thing when selecting a supplement is knowing the ingredients and researching them. I tried to do just that with Power Pro however no list of ingredients was provided. Ideally a Supplement Facts sheet would be provided so you can see the percents and exactly what is in the supplement.

Unfortunately the only ingredient that I found listed in the official Power Pro website was MagnaPower Creatine. Stating that this is the main active ingredient in the supplement the official website goes on to describe it as the purest form of Creatine with the least amount of side effects. MagnaPower Creatine provides high-glycolic tic and fast-twitch muscle fibers with powerful energy. Though there are numerous great benefits of MagnaPower Creatine it doesn’t mean that it is side effect free or the ideal choice. Not to mention that they do not discuss any of the other ingredients in the supplement. It also has several disadvantages such as it not meant to burn fat, does not suppress appetite, many have experienced mild to serious side effects, and has a negative impact on your liver and kidneys which could pose some serious dangers if you do not drink a LOT of water with the supplement.

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How to Buy Power Pro

Signing up and purchasing such supplements is generally much easier than cancelling and returning. So always have this in mind even when considering a trial offer. Currently the official Power Pro website is offering a trial for $4.95 which sounds fantastic. All good until you realize that you have only 10 days to actually try the supplement from the day you receive it. If you do not want to be pulled into their membership program make sure that you call and cancel your subscription and prepare to return the rest of the bottle at your own expense. The catch, you not only have to call and cancel before the 10 days trial is over but also return the bottle before the 10 days trial is over. This could easily be overlooked and if you fail to cancel and return in time your card will be charged $89.43 for the full bottle. If you do not cancel you will continue to be charged $89.43 every month as you will continue to receive a 30 day supply of Power Pro. This is a common scam used by many of the supplements as they try to catch those that are too quick to order without reading the Terms & Conditions or overlook the final date of the trial failing to cancel in time.

In Conclusion….

From personal experience with a number of supplements developed for bodybuilders and improving your weightlifting results I conclude that this supplement may be more of a scam than anything else. Their sketchy membership program and complete lack of information on ingredients leads me to believe that they are selling empty benefits and words rather than an effective supplement that will really give you the results you seek. I would not recommend taking Power Pro, I didn’t even consider getting the free trial let alone take it regularly.

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