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Can Striction BP Really Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Health?

Is Striction BP next biggest scam online? Read Striction BP consumer complains, scam reports and bad side effects

My attention was directed towards Striction BP not too long ago by a friend that had previously taken it for a brief period of time. The reason she stopped was because her problem was mainly temporary and required a quick fix, but said that she felt the positive effects with limited side effects. I personally am skeptical about ordering supplements online as I feel as if most of them are just the new way to SCAM people by getting their billing information and charging away. Not to mention that many supplements could be potentially dangerous and are not regulated by the FDA which means they can promise just about anything without any consequences if their products don’t live up to the customers’ expectations. With that said, I still decided to look into a supplement for my high blood pressure as I could no longer stand the horrible side effects of my prescription medication.

One thing I should say up front right now is that whatever medication you do decide to consider, especially for such a serious health problem, make sure you consult with your doctor before taking it. There is nothing fun about putting yourself in danger when it could have easily been prevented with a quick consultation.


What is Striction BP?

Initially the official website did not impress me one bit. Looked very much like many of the scam websites that I’ve visited in the past for supplements I’ve considered. But continued reading anyway in hopes I would be proven wrong.

What Striction BP promises to do is reduce high blood pressure, lower bad cholesterol levels, balance levels of blood sugar, and improve overall heart health as it is a powerful antioxidant. All of this is done 100% naturally without any side effects. We’ll see about that.

They go into detail on the main benefits of the supplement:

  • Lower High Blood Pressure – with fast acting natural ingredients the proprietary blend helps reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure. There are no negative side effects as it is all natural.
  • Lower Bad Cholesterol – a 40 day placebo controlled double-blind trial shows that the ingredients of Striction BP improve cholesterol by 12%-26%, LDL cholesterol by 7%-27%, and triglycerides by 23%-30%.
  • Balances Blood Sugar Levels – the ingredients found in Striction BP are known to improve blood sugar levels by 18-29% all the while may have the ability to achieve this by decreasing insulin resistance.
  • Powerful Anti-Oxidant Benefits – cinnamon, the main ingredient, is actually the 2nd highest ranked anti-oxidant and has Oxygen Radical Absorbency Capacity. In addition to lowering blood sugar levels it also has the ability to aid in the prevention of numerous degenerative age related diseases.

All these are great benefits which really do seem to make this a fantastic option and alternative to standard medication for lowering high blood pressure. Of course, remember that supplements are meant to be in addition to your regular medication and are not developed to cure or prevent diseases regardless what any given website may say. Always consult with your doctor before replacing regular medication or taking supplements in addition to it.


Active Ingredients Found in Striction BP

  • Ceylon Cinnamon – 1000 mg per serving – unlike other cinnamon extracts this particular ingredient is considered the “true cinnamon” and is actually the only type of cinnamon that is proven to aid in the reduction of both diastolic and systolic blood pressure. The superior quality of Natural Ceylon Cinnamon Extract is known to not only treat hypertension but also a number of other health disorders including lowering blood pressure.
    • Side Effects: Strangely enough when I decided to look up cinnamon and what it is used for blood pressure and hypertension were not listed. Though the website claims that there are numerous studies and I have personally heard of its ability to lower blood pressure it seems more like a myth rather than a truth. Aside from this I found no possible side effects as long as it is in small amounts.
  • Magnesium Malate – 32 mg per serving – developed to have the optimal amount of this particular ingredient Striction BP offers the most bio-available form of Magnesium in order to get the most beneficial results. The use of Magnesium is to promote production of prostaglandin E1 which is a powerful vasodilator. This is very effective as when blood pressure rises the blood vessels narrow and harden which causes the heart to further increase the force in order to circulate blood to the tissues in the body. What Magnesium does is it helps the blood vessels to widen and relax thus allowing easier blood flow and reduction of blood pressure.
    • Side Effects: Though possibly safe it can possibly cause stomach upset, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and more.
  • Vitamin B6 – 5 mg per serving – there are numerous therapeutic uses of Vitamin B6 and is known to treat more than 100 different psychological and physical health disorders including heart disease, mental depression, kidney stones, memory loss, and much more. If the body does not have Vitamin B6 a compound called homocysteinecan build up in the body and damage the linings of blood vessels. This in turn sets the stage for build-up of plaque. By taking a supplement that has B6 Vitamin this build-up is prevented thus reducing the risk of a heart attack. In addition to this B6 also helps lower blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure as it prevents the blood platelets from sticking to one another. Vitamin B6 is also widely used due to its ability to increase cellular absorption rate of magnesium as well.
    • Side Effects: Possibly safe but may cause nausea, vomiting, headache, loss of appetite, tingling, sleepiness and more if taking more than the recommended dietary allowance of 1.3-1.5 mg daily.

Benefits of the Ingredients and Facts

Numerous individual researches have been made on the ingredients found in Striction BP. One fact about cinnamon is that even without lifestyle and diet changes it is associated with reduction in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure of 3.9-2.6 mm HG. Combining cinnamon with magnesium results in the overall reduction of up to 22 mm Hg which is actually more than any other medications for hypertension available on the market anywhere, just without the side effects.

Though all of this does sound fantastic, claiming that there are no side effects is false advertisement. As my research above shows there are significant side effects and the amount of Vitamin B6 in the supplement far exceeds the recommended amount. This more than worries me and I am concerned about taking a supplement which, regardless how beneficial the ingredients are, has a disregard to studies that show what the daily dietary allowance for ingredients is. Also, advertising that there are no adverse side effects is especially disturbing considering that there is nothing you will ever consume, especially a supplement or medication, that has no side effects. Though not all people experience them, they are still possible and should be listed and in the open.

One thing that I did find amusing was that even though they don’t list side effects of the ingredients in the supplement they do go on to list the side effects of most Hypertension Drugs people take.


Possible side effects from hypertension drugs:

  • Cold hands and feet
  • Skin rash
  • Depression
  • Weakness, leg cramps, and fatigue
  • Loss of taste
  • Insomnia and sleep problems
  • Asthma symptoms
  • Erectile dysfunction

I understand their goal but this is certainly not the way to attain it. Honesty is what sells not claiming something and even going to another low of listing the negatives of the competition, where they are nearly the same as from what you are selling. This alone somewhat frustrated me and showed their disregard towards the customer and gave me reason to mistrust the website.

Of course, following this list of possible side effects from hypertension drugs they did list the numerous benefits of Striction BP:

  • Safe
  • Affordable
  • 100% Natural
  • Clinically Proven (there is a list of clinical tests of the ingredients under the Ingredients page which can be found in the menu bar)
  • Easy to Take – 2 times daily
  • Responsible Customer Service
  • 100% No-Risk Guarantee (will go further into this)
  • Manufactured in FDA Approved Facility
  • Processes that Exceed NSF Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Quality Testing for Potency and Purity before Sale

All great benefits as I had mentioned before but the way they went about it somewhat bothers me. One other thing to remember: many supplement websites use the statement FDA Approved Facility on a regular basis which leads you to believe that the product is FDA approved and regulated. In fact, this is actually completely untrue and usually in the small text at the bottom of the page (the disclaimer) and this practice is repeated again here.


How to Buy and the Cost

One thing I did like about this website is that they offer not a 30 day but a 60 day money back guarantee. On one hand this sounded fantastic on the other I admit I was skeptical. When I got to the page where it gives you purchase options I realized why. There are three options which I will discuss in further detail.

  • 3 Bottle Plan at $79.90 + $8.99 shipping & handling – You receive 90 days supply of Striction BP. After that every 3 months you will receive a new 90 day supply at the same price of $79.90 plus $8.99 shipping and handling until you cancel. Though I was unable to confirm this, I do believe that the money back guarantee is associated with this package. I do not think you have the same option if you purchase any of the other two options.
  • 1 Bottle Starter Package at $39.95 + $6.99 shipping and handling – You receive a 30 day supply and will continue to receive a new bottle every month and will continue to be charged $39.95 plus $6.99 shipping and handling monthly until you cancel. I see no money back guarantee option and no trial option.
  • 1 Bottle Non Member at $49.95 + $6.99 shipping and handling – This actually seems like the most reasonable option if you are ordering for the first time as it is a onetime order and you will not continue to be charged or receive new shipments until you order again. The most you can lose is $56.94.

I am skeptical about membership programs and I do not recommend getting involved in plans where you receive new shipments as you could be caught off guard and have to pay quite a bit out of pocket for a simple mistake of forgetting to cancel. Though slightly more expensive I would recommend selecting the non member option if you do decide to order.

My Experience with Striction BP

I did purchase the 1 Bottle Non Member option and received it shortly after. I did not experience any of the serious side effects, just slight stomach upset in the beginning and a bit of a headache. As I mentioned above its not absolutely certain that you will experience those side effects, but rather a warning so you are aware that if you experience any of these problems that it is most likely from the supplement. Everything you consume could have a possible side effect, it’s a matter of how your body responds. With that said, I took the supplement for a full month and though there were no serious side effects I can’t say that I had such a significant and impressive reduction in blood pressure. Though it did lower it, it certainly was not as much as I expected. During the time I took the supplement I did stop taking my regular medication so I have actual results, which could also be the reason. A month later I am back on my regular meds and am considering re-ordering perhaps to take with them in the future.

Though I cannot recommend or necessarily say anything bad about the product I can say that the Striction BP website needs quite a bit of improvement and additional information. Also, though they do offer a great option where you do not get signed up for their auto ship plan, the rest of their options make it look like a SCAM and I do not recommend selecting them unless you want to risk being charged for things you do not want.


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